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Represent Word as Vector from Word2Vec with GenSim

This short tutorial will concentrate on how-to get vector representation of word from pre-trained word2vec (published by Tomas Mikolov). Following these steps below: Assume your OS had Python environment. We recommend to install Anaconda for working with Python. Open Terminal and install GenSim by typing pip install --upgrade gensim. Download pre-trained …

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Install TensorFlow on Anaconda [Windows 10]

Introduction This tutorial concentrate on how-to install TensorFlow (CPU and GPU) on Windows 10 with Anaconda environment. Prerequisite You must have Anaconda installed on your machine. [Readme] TensorFlow only supports version 3.5.x of Python on Windows. However, if you use Anaconda, you can create a new environment with Python 3.5. …

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Machine Learning [Lecture Notes]

If you would like to begin studying Machine Learning, in theory approach, we recommend the lecture notes of Prof. Andrew Ng (Stanford University). The chapters are given below: Supervised Learning, Discriminative Algorithms [cs229-notes1] Generative Algorithms [cs229-notes2] Support Vector Machines [cs229-notes3] Learning Theory [cs229-notes4] Regularization and Model Selection [cs229-notes5] Online Learning and …

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